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Company Formation in Maribor

Updated on Tuesday 26th March 2019

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Company-Formation-in-Maribor.jpgMaribor represents one of the most developed economic regions in Slovenia. The city of Maribor was included in the top ten list of the European Cities and Regions of the Future; more specifically, Maribor was included in the Strategy section of the study, as one of the most competitive small European cities that created suitable strategies to attract investments. Our team of specialists in company registration in Slovenia can offer an in-depth presentation on the legislation for foreign investments available in Maribor
The city of Maribor also ranks in the top list of the European micro-cities that provide an investor-friendly business environment (ranking as the 7th city) and thus, those who want to open a company in Slovenia can rely on the fact that this small Slovenian city can offer numerous investment opportunities.

What are the main Slovenian business forms?

As a general rule, most of the local and foreign investors prefer to invest in Slovenia through a private limited company, which represents the most popular legal entity that is selected at a European level as well. Investors can, of course, open any other types of business structures that can be incorporated here, such as: 
  • sole trader – also known as a private individual entrepreneur, considering that the business is started by a natural person developing a small business in his or her name;
  • private limited company – here, there is a legal distinction between the company and the owner, as the private limited company in Slovenia has a legal personality, as stipulated by its statutory documents;
  • limited partnership – incorporated by a natural person and for this type of association two partners are necessary;
  • limited partnership with share capital – it is incorporated by at least a person who has the quality of a partner responsible for all the debts of the company;
  • branch office – usually employed by foreign companies when expanding on the Slovenian market

What are the main steps in opening a company in Slovenia? 

Businessmen that want to open a company in Slovenia have to complete a set of incorporation steps, as prescribed by the national law. The procedure of company formation in Slovenia usually starts with selecting a legal entity, which also needs a corporate trading name. The trading name must comply with specific requirements in order to be approved. 
Other relevant matters refer to appoint directors and the establish the company’s business address; in the latter case, investors can also request the services of a virtual office in Maribor, Slovenia, which is the most cost convenient option to have a business address registered in this country. 
Then, the investors have to establish the types of activities that the company in Maribor will carry out; please note that in certain situations, based on the company’s objects, businessmen will have to apply for licenses or permits. This can be the case when opening a restaurant in this country, for example, a type of establishment that has to comply with the safety and health requirements. 

How can a branch be set up in Maribor? 

As we presented above, foreign companies can enter the local market through a branch office. Foreign companies also have the possibility of choosing a subsidiary. When starting the procedure of company formation in Slovenia, the country’s Companies Act stipulates that the branch does not represent a separate legal entity from its parent company
The branch office in Slovenia can be registered by both national and foreign entities and this type of structure does not need a share capital. Investors should also know that the overall costs of starting a branch office are generally lowered compared to the ones necessary for opening a subsidiary
The registration procedure is complex, in the sense that the mother company is required to provide a set of documents required for incorporation in Slovenia. Thus, it is necessary to deposit information concerning the corporate bank account of the parent company, its statutory documents, its tax numbers, the activities that will be developed by the branch (which have to be the same as the ones of the parent company) and other necessary documents. 
Businesses registered here are also liable to taxation – the corporate tax will apply to legal entities (the sole trader is excluded from this type of taxation), the value added tax, the employment tax and others. Foreign businessmen are invited to contact our team of specialists in Slovenian company formation for advice on how to register for tax purposes as a legal entity in Maribor.  

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