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Slovenian Business Register

Updated on Thursday 29th November 2018

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What is the Slovenian Business Register?

The Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services (AJPES) has the following attributions:

  • - preservation registering (by managing the SBR-Slovenian Business Register);
  • - gathering, processing and issuing of yearly reports, statistical surveys;
  • - data gathering;
  • - other trading activities.

The Slovenian Business Register (SBR) is the centralized database for all the commercial Slovenian entities. In order to open a company in Slovania, one must first register it with the Court Company Register, which is a part of SBR. The Court is divided into the primary book (used for registering data regarding commercial entities) and the documentary cache (contains the documents submitted for registration). Our experts in company formation matters in Slovenia can give you more details about this institution.

How can a company register with the Slovenian Business Register?

All the application from the companies may be submitted to the SBR in two ways: online on the e-VEM portal or at any VEM office across the country. If the application is made online, the authorized signature must be certified first.

The registration documents must be drawn in Slovenian or accompanied by a certified translation in Slovenian. The entities that must be registered are: the companies, the partnerships, sole traders, private entities, branches, societies, other units.

The company registration procedure in Slovenia must be accomplished no longer than 15 days since the incorporation documents were signed.

The requested documents for each type of business may differ. All the entities must provide information regarding the founders (name and address), the company (name and address), management scheme, company duration (if it’s a limited one). A limited liability company and a joint stock company must issue details regarding the share capital, unlike the partnership or sole traders were the minimal share capital is not requested.

As a result, the company will receive a registration number, a work code and an institutional field.

Any change in the company status must be reported immediately to the court register. The liquidation, transformation, merger are all subject of registration and our specialists in company formation in Slovenia are ready to assist you in any of these procedures.

How can information be checked in the SBR?

There are two ways the information from the Slovenian Business Register can be checked: on the ePRS web portal or by issuing printouts at request. The printouts are issued if the entrepreneur is filling a special order form. An investor may have access to this information weekly or monthly at a special request.

The printing of the information is charged, unlike the electronic information. All the information is updated daily, so the ePRS is an efficient instrument for the entrepreneurs.

The process of registering a company in Slovenia can be handled by our local company incorporation agents, who have a wide experience in helping investors open companies in the country. Do not hesitate to contact our  Slovenian company formation consultants for a personalized offer.

Our firm is part of an international legal network composed of numerous law firms and company firms, such as: Firmengründung in Slowenien and Регистрация компании Словения.


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