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Open a Sole Trader in Slovenia

Updated on Tuesday 16th January 2018

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Open a Sole Trader in SloveniaAny foreign investor who wants to open a company in Slovenia must know that the sole trader is the simplest form of doing business in this country. Also called sole proprietorship, through this business form you run your own business and are self-employed. Specific taxation and accounting rules apply to sole traders in Slovenia. An online registration procedure is available to those interested to open a sole trader in Slovenia

Our experts in company formation in Slovenia can assist businessmen register as sole traders in this country.  

How to set up a sole trader in Slovenia?

According to the provisions of the Companies Act in Slovenia, a sole trader can be established at a VEM point, for which a digital certificate is required. Several documents are needed in order to open a sole trader in Slovenia. These are the following:

•    A valid identification document;
•    A Slovenian tax number;
•    A personal identification number (PIN);
•    The application for the establishing of a sole trader with the Tax Administration;
•    The entry in the Slovenian Business Register;
•    The application for registration with health insurance and self employment on behalf of the sole trader.

The registration procedure usually takes one working day to complete. After obtaining the resolution on registration of the sole trader, a bank account can be opened. Depending on the type of the activity performed, the sole trader may need to apply for special permits and licenses in order to lawfully do business in this country. Further registration for tax purposes and a notification to the accounting system is also required.

Businessmen interested in activating as sole traders in this country can be guided by our specialists in company registration in Sloveniawho will help them prepare all the necessary documentation for the registration procedure.

Can a sole trader be transformed into a company in Slovenia?

If a sole trader wants to expand the business and increase its incomes, there is a possibility to transform the sole trader into a Slovenian company. The transfer procedure is done through a notary. Several steps need to be concluded in order to transform a sole trader into a company:

•    Notification and resolution -     a public declaration of the transformation must be done by the sole trader, indicating the new type of company through which the business activity will continue;
•    Transfer of property and activity – the rights and obligations are transferred from the sole trader to the company;
•    Register as a new company or to an existing company – an entry in the Business Register or a contract on the transfer of the company must be concluded.

Please contact our team of Slovenian company formation experts if you need further information about the procedure of establishing a sole trader in Slovenia or transform it into a company.



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