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Residence Permit in Slovenia

Updated on Tuesday 16th January 2018

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Residence-Permit-in-SloveniaForeigners interested in opening a company in Slovenia must know that such a plan implies a longer stay in the country than permitted on the basis of a valid ID card. This situation requires for a residence permit in Slovenia. This official document allows you to enter Slovenia and reside there for a definite period of time and for a specific purpose. Staying in Slovenia for business purposes like opening a new company or setting up a branch office entails applying for a residence permit.

Detailed information about the procedure of obtaining a residence permit can be provided to you by our company registration specialists in Slovenia.

Types of residence permits in Slovenia

Residence permits in Slovenia give you the right to enter the country, live and work there and travel into other Schengen countries up to three months. There are two types of residence permits available in Slovenia:

Temporary residence permits.  The application for granting this type of residence permit has to be submitted at a consular or diplomatic representation of Slovenia in your country and then sent to a competent authority in Slovenia for consideration. Temporary resident permit is issued only after entering Slovenia and requires the fulfillment of certain conditions: legal residence in Slovenia, the permit was applied for prior to your entry in Slovenia, that your fingerprints have already been taken before entering the country and that you inform the administrative unit responsible for issuing the permit about your residence address and duration of the planned stay.

Permanent residence permits. Investing in Slovenia is a long term commitment which implies the need for a permanent residence permit. The conditions for obtaining this permit are as follows: a continuous legal stay in Slovenia of five years on the basis of a temporary residence permit issued by competent Slovene authorities or on the basis of a renewed temporary residence permit. If you are an EU citizen who has already obtained a residence permit in another country, you can apply for a permanent residence permit in Slovenia. Other categories like European researchers and teachers from another EU member state, holders of an EU Blue Card issued by another EU member state, holders of temporary residence permits for studying purposes in another EU member state can also apply for this permit.

Our company formation experts in Slovenia are ready to offer advice regarding your intention to manage your company in this country and apply for a residence permit.

The rights given to a person by a permanent residence permit in Slovenia

There are several rights that a person receives once a permanent residence permit is issued on their name:

•    To register at a permanent address;
•    The same rights of a Slovenian citizen, except for the right to vote and purchase real estate as a natural person;
•    The same taxation system;
•    Free access to the labor market in Slovenia;
•    Apply for Slovenian citizenship after five years of holding a permanent residence permit.

In case you need more information regarding residence permits, please contact our team of company registration experts in Slovenia.


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