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Domiciliation in Slovenia

Updated on Thursday 16th April 2020

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With a virtual office in Ljubljana, your business will benefit from the presence of a high-profile office at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. Our company can provide investors with complete company registration services in Slovenia and virtual office packages. Our team of consultants in company registration in Slovenia can advise businessmen on the main benefits of a Slovenian virtual office and can assist in selecting the necessary services suitable for the expansion of a company. 


What are the main services of a Slovenian virtual office?

The services of a virtual office in Slovenia are generally addressed to businessmen who have the possibility of running a flexible business. Considering that such services have very low operating costs (compared to opening a company in Slovenia through a brick-and-mortar office), the virtual office can be the ideal temporary solution for a small start-up business or for businessmen who carry a business activity in their own name (for example, through a sole trader). The virtual office package provided by CompanyFormationSlovenia.com contains the following:

  • prestigious business address in Ljubljana for a credible and risk-free base for corresponding with clients;
  • registered office necessary for establishing a Slovenian company (all local businesses must have an official business address);
  • mail collection and forwarding – through this service, the mail is collected and then, signed and sent to the investor according to his or her instructions (by e-mail, mail, or fax);
  • incoming and outgoing faxes - use our local fax number and we'll collect and send faxes to you, wherever you are;
  • a local phone number in Slovenia - provide a local phone number to all your contacts;
  • voice mailbox - all of your voice messages will be forwarded to you by email and our specialists in company formation in Slovenia can offer you a virtual office package which meets your business needs.

Below, we present some benefits related to buying a virtual office in Slovenia:


Virtual Office in Slovenia


Are there any additional virtual office services in Slovenia? 

Yes, virtual offices available in Slovenia can offer additional services to their clients; the selection of the suitable virtual office package in Slovenia depends on the needs of the company; our team of consultants in company registration in Slovenia can advise on all the services that can be selected in this case. The additional services available here are the following: 
  • dedicated fax service with a private and dedicated number;
  • call redirecting – it uses specialized technology, through which phone calls are redirected to a given primary phone number;
  • collection of bank statements – we can collect the bank statements and sent them to a given address;
  • extra usage of the meeting room - it can be used as a suitable way to meet with the company’s clients, business partners and employees.


What are the advantages of virtual offices in Slovenia? 

The overall costs associated with selecting the services of a virtual office represent the main advantage of a virtual office in Slovenia. However, those who want to open a company in Slovenia can benefit from additional advantages, which aim at both the business itself and at the company’s employees.  
When operating a business in Slovenia through a traditional office, the company’s employees generally have to be present in the respective location to develop their tasks. In the case of a virtual office, this is not the case, as such tasks can be carried out from any given location. Thus, it is said that the productivity of company that selected the services of a virtual office can increase, as the employees do not have to waste the time on the commute. 
Additionally, a Slovenian company that develops a business activity in one of the regions of the country can generally employ workforce only from the respective region. A company registered in Slovenia that has started its business operations through a virtual office can employ workforce not only from Slovenia, but from other countries as well and the investors can easily find the perfect candidates for their job openings. Our team of specialists in company formation in Slovenia can assist investors with the employment regulations that can apply in a cross-border employment contract. 
Since this type of office is generally suited for a start-up company in Slovenia, the company’s representatives can cut relevant expenses at the beginning of their activity, as there is no need to invest in office supplies and technology. Furthermore, the company does not have to invest in any additional devices that are necessary for the company’s employees; they can simply use their own devices. 
Another advantage refers to the relocation of the company. Once the business starts growing, the company may need to relocate to another office and this generally has a negative impact on the company’s employees, who must also find a suitable option to commute to the new business address. When selecting the services of a virtual office in Slovenia, this will not be a problem, as the employees are not bound by the place where the company operates. 
The virtual office is the ideal way for scaling up a business, not only when referring to the company’s personnel, but also when talking about various compulsory costs that are usually met in a traditional office (monthly rent or the initial investment when purchasing an office space, the necessary equipment or the utilities costs).  
The Slovenian virtual office is also the ideal way to help out a business in its initial stage, as it provides a professional and credible corporate image in front of the business partners. The company’s founder can work from a remote location as well, while his or her partners can rely on the fact that business is established in a prestigious business area. Furthermore, the virtual office does not imply any long-term commitments, as it can be used for a short period of time, up until the business grows; thus, most of the contracts signed for the services of a Slovenian virtual office are created on a monthly basis.  

In case you need a virtual office in Slovenia, we are ready to help you. Contact our Slovenian company formation experts for a personalized virtual office package. If you need virtual offices in other countries, feel free to contact our partners, available at European Company Formation.

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