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Taxation in Slovenia

Updated on Tuesday 16th January 2018

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Slovenia has a progressive tax system. This means that as the income increases, the tax rate also increases. This is reasonable because you will only have to pay taxes based on the amount of income that you earn. Corporations that are considered as residents of Slovenia are taxed differently from those that are non-residents. Resident corporations are those that are incorporated under Slovenian law while non-residents are formed under foreign laws. This means that if you open a Slovenian company, it is either taxed from all sources worldwide, or just from within the country. Different taxes are also imposed on persons and corporations and the kind of income gained. Those who are liable to pay taxes have to do so to the Slovenian Revenue Office and the Slovenian Customs Office for VAT and excise duties.

Corporate tax in Slovenia

After the process of company formation in Slovenia is complete, your newly formed company will be subject to different types of taxes, including the corporate tax. This type of tax is imposed on income derived by corporations in the exercise of their business. As of 2017, corporate tax in Slovenia is rated at 17 percent on the net income. Net income is arrived at by deducting operating expenses from the gross income. Incentives are also allowed as deductions from the gross income. These are given by the government when a company is engaged in a business that furthers the national interest. If you wish to know more details about these incentives, our consultants in company formation in Slovenia are at your disposal.

Slovenian personal income tax

Taxation in Slovenia is applied on an individual’s income. It is imposed on income derived from employment, business, agriculture and forestry, rental, royalties, and capital. The tax rate varies depending on the source of income. For dividends, rental, and interest, the rate is 25 percent. For capital gains, the rate starts from being exempt, to being taxed 25 percent, depending on the number of years the individual held the capital asset. For income from the other sources, they are taxed progressively at a rate of 16%, 27%, and 41%, depending on the amount of income.

Value added tax in Slovenia

If you open a company in Slovenia, you will be liable to pay the value added tax. The exceptions are those that are engaged in certain activities, small businesses, and farmers whose incomes do not reach 25, 000 euros. This tax is imposed on the sale of goods and services within the country, as well as exporting it to other territories. The value added tax is rated at a standard rate of 20%, and at a reduced rate of 8.5%.
Your Slovenian company can be subject to different kinds of taxes. Just get in touch with our experts in Slovenian company formation matters and we will help you determine the taxes that you will be liable to pay. 


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