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Establish a Financial Company in Slovenia

Updated on Tuesday 16th January 2018

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Establish a Financial Company in SloveniaThe rules and regulations of the financial services sector in Slovenia are supervised by the Bank of Slovenia. According to the provisions of the Company Act, if you want to establish a financial company in Slovenia you can choose from: commercial banks, saving banks, stock brokerage firms, investment funds or insurance companies. Our experts in company formation in Slovenia can guide through the process of establishing a financial company.

Steps for establishing a financial company in Slovenia

If you decided to invest in Slovenia`s financial sector and set up a company, here are the necessary steps of the process:

•   Choose a type of company, a name and a registered address for your business – the limited liability companies and branch offices are the most common legal entities set up in Slovenia;
•    Draw the articles of association, open a bank account and deposit the minimum required capital for your company;
•    Obtain a Slovenian tax number – this is necessary for the process of company registration;
•   Gather all the documents of your company and submit an application for company registration with the Slovenian Business Register. If you establish a limited liability company, you can have it registered at a local VEM contact point. The entire process is relatively short and it can be completed in 4 to 6 working days;
•    Register for taxation in Slovenia and obtain social security and health care insurance for your employees;
•   Apply for business permits and licenses with the Bank of Slovenia – most companies operating in the financial sector require authorization for doing business.

The entire process of establishing a financial company and obtaining the necessary permits and licenses can be professionally managed by our specialists in company registration in Slovenia.  

The financial sector in Slovenia

The financial sector in Slovenia is marked by a relatively high degree of concentration. The largest bank in the country is state owned, while others are set up by foreign investors in Slovenia or takeover or merged with Slovenian banks. The local government adopted a series of measures aimed at improving the financial sector after the economic crisis. The stability and well functioning of the financial sector is managed by the Bank Asset Management Company (BAMC), established by the Slovenian government. The banking legislation has been amended in order to promote the establishment of financial companies in Slovenia and to authorize them to purchase securities abroad. The Slovenian companies operating in the insurance sector benefit from significant changes in the legislation regulating this area.

If you need assistance for starting a financial company in this country, don`t hesitate to contact our Slovenian company formation agents.  

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