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Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Slovenia

Updated on Friday 05th October 2018

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Slovenia encourages cryptocurrency companies in multiples ways, as for example through the organization of conferences related to this topic. These events offer the framework in which the regulations and the priorities in this domain can be discussed by the most innovative and active enterprises in cryptocurrency. If you are interested to open a cryptocurrency company in this country you could discuss the registration aspects with one of our consultants in company formation in Slovenia.

Slovenia’s cryptocurrency legal framework 

Cryptocurrencies refer to virtual currencies such as bitcoin or litecoin. More and more companies in Slovenia have set their operations in the field of cryptocurrency transactions, a fact which led the Slovenian government to adopt a transparent legal framework concerning to this commercial issue. Recently, the Tax Administration in Slovenia clarified that since cryptocurrencies are virtual coins, they are not considered as monetary assets therefore they are not taxed in this country. Only as far as bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies generate income, the revenues will be taxed by the Slovenian state through the income tax.
This is only one of the aspects which motivate investors to set up a cryptocurrency company in Slovenia, along the talented and specialized workforce available in this country for much lower salaries than those you would have to pay in the rest of Europe. You are welcome to address to our consultants in company registration in Slovenia all your concerns regarding the Slovenian legislation connected to cryptocurrencies.

How can an investor register a Slovenian cryptocurrency mining business? 

One of the ways to start the procedure of company registration in Slovenia in the field of cryptocurrency is by setting up a cryptocurrency mining business. In this case, special procedures have to be completed by the investors of company, as presented below: 
  • select the company’s activities that are prescribed by the Standard Classification of Activities of Republic of Slovenia;
  • since the cryptocurrency is a new field of activity, the investors will have to select the Other business and business consulting category (filed under no. 70.220);
  • by selecting this category, the investors will be allowed to perform a set of activities, such as consulting or operational assistance;
  • furthermore, the investor will need to register for tax purposes, and this can be done by registering as a natural person or as a legal entity
Provided that the investor chooses to register as a natural person, it will be compulsory to report the income generated from cryptocurrency mining, with the mention that in the day in which the virtual coins are received, the recipient has to convert them into euros
At the same time, it is necessary to know that mining activities for cryptocurrency businesses is also seen as a provision of data processing services delivered with the assistance of computers. This takes into consideration a wide range of cryptocurrency mining activities, such as resolving cryptographic algorithms, virtual tokens and others. This is why a business that is involved in this activity must also be classified under the NACE 63.11, which refers to data processing, hosting and related activities

Register a cryptocurrency activity in Slovenia  

When opening a company in Slovenia that deals with cryptocurrencies, the company’s representatives will also have to select the activities developed by the business, from one of the sections of the NACE Code. Cryptocurrency trading is included, at the moment, in the Class NACE 82.99 – N Administrative and support service activities, more exactly, the sub-section SKD 82.990.
It is important to know that this section includes a wide range of business activities, such as payments on the services related to the conversion of currencies into cryptocurrencies, services designed for virtual wallets, services related to cryptographic tokens, but it also includes business consulting services regarding the usage of virtual currencies.  

Conditions for company formation in Slovenia

In order to be officially registered, the cryptocurrency companies in Slovenia need to elaborate an application file and submit it with the Slovenian Business Register (PRS). Our consultants can help you gather all needed documents and they can also help you open a bank account in which to deposit your capital. 
A cryptocurrency company in Slovenia will have to be organized just like any other enterprise in one of the legal structures provided by the Company Law in this country. Feel free to contact our experts in company formation in Slovenia in order to explain to you the advantages of each legal form for your Slovenian cryptocurrency firm.

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