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Cryptocurrency Startup Business Ideas in Slovenia

Updated on Sunday 29th July 2018

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Cryptocurrency-Startup-Business-Ideas-in-Slovenia.jpgSlovenia is one of the most attractive business destinations for the registration of a cryptocurrency startup. Those who want to open a company in Slovenia should know that the country’s representatives aim at transforming this jurisdiction in the main destination for cryptocurrency activities at the level of the European Union (EU). 
Even though numerous states in the EU are still struggling with creating a suitable legal framework applicable to cryptocurrency and blockchain activities, Slovenia has already addressed this issue and included specific provisions related to cryptocurrencies in the national Anti-Money Laundering Law. Our team of specialists in company formation in Slovenia can provide legal assistance on the rules of law related to cryptocurrency businesses.

What types of cryptocurrency activities are available in Slovenia? 

Businessmen may set up a wide range of business activities related to cryptocurrencies, as this country is currently represented by approximately 450 crypto-merchant establishments (in the capital city), which is seen as the first crypto-city of the world, since the local authorities are trying to include crypto-payments in the city’s ecosystem. At the moment, companies offer a wide category of activities, such as: 
  • selling cryptocurrency and offering consultancy services regarding the manner in which persons can use virtual currencies;
  • blockchain platforms available for various categories of investors – natural persons or legal entities;
  • specialized consultancy services offered to business entities that want to operate in this sector;
  • cryptocurrency exchange or blockchain services for purchasing various types of products; 
  • operate a cryptocurrency ATMSlovenia has already installed several ATMs for this purpose. 

Ljubljana, the first city with a crypto-friendly mall  

Slovenia stands out as a top investment destination in this sector due to the fact that it has already created a mall that will accept Bitcoin payments at every store operating in the respective location (named BTC City Shopping Mall). Our team of specialists in company formation in Slovenia can offer advice on the procedures that must be completed by a company in order to accept virtual currency payments
Slovenia encourages cryptocurrency businesses by maintaining a close relation with the representatives of the companies operating in this sector, which are sustained through numerous conferences that tackle the current needs of such businesses. Investors are invited to contact our team of consultants in Slovenian company formation for advice.  

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