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Shelf Companies in Slovenia

Updated on Tuesday 16th January 2018

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Shelf companies are one and the same with the so-called ready-made companies. These shelf companies in Slovenia are companies which function already for a while in this country, and which, for this very reason, represent a very attractive option for foreign investors. 
The advantages of a ready-made company are business maturity and an increased credibility as well on the market as in the negotiations with a bank for the obtaining of credits. The shelf companies in Slovenia allow you to begin your commercial activity immediately and with a minimum of bureaucracy. Our specialists in company formation in Slovenia can guide businessmen in the acquisition of a shelf company in this country. 

What is a shelf company in Slovenia offering?

Purchasing a shelf company is a way to skip the process of company registration in Slovenia and the afferent waiting time. Moreover, thanks to the age of your newly purchased shelf company, you benefit from its name and successful history. There is also an already trained public for the line of your business and the name of the shelf company will keep it loyal to your products and services. These aspects have a great impact on the speeding up of your activity and profit. 
The acquisition of a shelf company older than 6 months is also a way to obtain work or residence permit in Slovenia.
What a shelf company gives you as well is an already usable bank account and advantageous credit options. If well chosen, a ready-made company contributes to your image construction on the Slovenian market. This is why we strongly recommend that you work with one of our  specialists in company formation in Slovenia that can assist you in all the legal aspects of the shelf company acquisition.

Our company formation agents in Slovenia present the process of buying a shelf company

A central step in the purchasing of a shelf company is the research of the available options and the very choosing of the most suitable company. If you didn’t buy a shelf company before you might need the advice of our Slovenian company formation specialists that will explain to you what aspects to keep in mind when taking the decision:
  • the legal structure of the enterprise (Sole Proprietor – S.P. Samostoni Podjetnik, limited liability company - D.O.O Druzba z Omejeno Odgovornostjo, joint stock company – D.D. Delniska druzba or Branch – Podruznica); 
  • the line of the business (the type of the provided products or services);
  • the age of the company (start-up, established or mature company).
Further on, the acquisition procedure implies the transfer of ownership. Here you will need the expertise of a Slovenian company formation specialist in order to legally perform the operation. 
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in purchasing a shelf company in Slovenia. Our company formation experts in Slovenia can offer professional counseling and assistance with the transfer of property rights and other aspects of ready-made company acquisition.


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