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Open a Recruitment Company in Slovenia

Updated on Tuesday 19th May 2020

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Open a Recruitment Company in SloveniaRecruitment companies match individuals in search for a job with companies looking for a qualified employee. If you want to invest in Slovenia and open a recruitment company, you must know that they are subject to the national employment legislation. In order to open a recruitment company in Slovenia, you must obtain a special license, since recruitment companies are a regulated type of business.

Our experts in company formation in Slovenia can tell you more about the employment legislation in this country.

Steps for opening a recruitment company in Slovenia

The Slovenian business legislation provides several types of companies for those interested in investing in the local economy. You can choose any type of legal entity which best suits your interests for your recruitment company in Slovenia. We provide you with a list of steps to take in order to open a recruitment company in Slovenia:

•    Open a bank account and deposit the minimum capital of the company – there is a minimum founding capital of 7,500 EUR which must be paid in either cash or non-cash contribution;
•    Register the recruitment company at a VEM entry point or a Notary Public – make sure to draw the articles of association prior to this step. Once you register with a local VEM, your recruitment company is automatically registered with the Statistical Office in Slovenia, the tax administration and the Health Institute;
•    Register your employees with the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute in Slovenia;
•    Register for VAT purposes.

After concluding these steps, your recruitment company in Slovenia can do business and operate within the employment market. Our agents in company registration in Slovenia can assist you throughout the entire process of opening a recruitment company in this country.

Licensing a recruitment company in Slovenia

After you have registered a recruitment company in Slovenia, you need to prepare a specific documentation for obtaining a license. All the documents need to be submitted with the Ministry of Labor in Slovenia, the local authority in charge of issuing special permits and licenses. This business license is valid for a period of three years with the possibility to extend it. Here is a list of the papers to prepare in order to obtain the recruitment company license:

•    Proof of business registration from the Slovenian Business Register;
•    Technical compliance confirmation;
•    Conformation of compliance with requirements regarding space, financial and business conduct standards;
•    Detailed work program regarding the implementation of services;
•    An organizational chart of the employees of the company;
•    Employment contracts attesting the legal relations with your employees;
•    The certificate of registration of employees with the compulsory social insurance system in Slovenia.

If you need assistance in obtaining the license for your recruitment company, don`t hesitate to contact our specialists in company formation in Slovenia.


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