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VAT in Slovenia

Updated on Tuesday 16th January 2018

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VAT or value added tax is imposed on goods and services, particularly on the amount added on the value of the product. It is categorized as a sales tax that can be transferred because the burden of paying it can be shifted from one person to another until it reaches the one who purchases the product for final consumption. VAT in Slovenia is governed by the Value Added Tax Act. The act provides for the products to be taxed and the persons liable of paying them, transactions subject to VAT, the rate, exemptions, and other related provisions. If you open a company in Slovenia, you will certainly be subjected to value added tax.
Entrepreneurs who want to start businesses in this country must know that after the process of company formation in Slovenia, they will also have to register their companies for VAT

Transactions that are subject to VAT in Slovenia

If you open a company in Slovenia, different transactions will be subject to value added tax. The first type is the supply of goods in Slovenia for consideration in the regular course of business. This includes the buying and selling of goods in Slovenia. The second transaction is intra-community acquisitions. This means that you acquire goods in Slovenia from other member states of the European Union. The third transaction is the supply of services within the territory of Slovenia. This has to be done in the regular course of business. The fourth transaction is the importation of goods. This includes goods from countries that are not members of the European Union. Your business in Slovenia will come under these four transactions.

Rate of Value Added Tax in Slovenia

The VAT rates in Slovenia are 22%, the standard rate, and 9.5%, which is the lowered rate. The lowered rate is applied to specific goods and services as provided for by law. Some goods and services subject to this rate are supply of water, foodstuffs, medicines, and the transportation of passengers and their luggage. The rest of the list can be found under Annex I of the Value Added Tax Act of Slovenia. All other goods and services are subject to the general rate of 22%. After you form your company in Slovenia, make sure that you pay the correct VAT rate.

Exemptions from VAT in Slovenia 

Chapter VIII of the Value Added Tax Act of Slovenia provides for exemptions from VAT. Activities that involve the public interest are exempted. This includes health care activities, services in social welfare and security, and education. The importation of goods is also exempt from VAT if a consular or diplomatic agreement provides for such exemption.  Our company registration experts in Slovenia  can give you more details on this matter.
If you plan to open a Slovenian company, make sure that you have sufficient knowledge of the VAT in this country. Get in touch with our specialists in company formation matters in Slovenia for more information. 


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