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Set up a Pharmaceutical Company in Slovenia

Updated on Tuesday 16th January 2018

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Set up a Pharmaceutical Company in SloveniaWith 882 companies and 5.5 billion EUR in revenues in 2015, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most attractive investment sectors in Slovenia.  If you want to set up a pharmaceutical company in Slovenia you can turn to the manufacturing of the most successful products on the market: pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, cleaning products and scents, rubber and plastic products or pesticides.

Our experts in company formation in Slovenia can assist you with the process of company incorporation.

The process of establishing a pharmaceutical company in Slovenia

There are a few steps to take into account when setting up a pharmaceutical company in Slovenia. The first thing to consider is the name of your business and the type of legal entity you want to incorporate. The most common practice of foreign companies establishing their business in Slovenia is to start a limited liability company or a branch office. Then, you must prepare the company`s articles of association and obtain a Slovenian tax number. This number is compulsory for the procedure of company registration. If you decide to open a limited liability company, you can undertake the process of company formation at a local VEM contact point or turn to the professional assistance of a team of specialists in company registration in Slovenia.

Opening a bank account and depositing the initial share capital of the company, registering for taxation and obtaining social security  numbers and health insurance for your employees are the last steps of the process of establishing a pharmaceutical company in Slovenia.

Permits and licenses in the pharmaceutical industry in Slovenia

Since it involves the selling of drugs and pharmaceutical products, any company established within this sector has to obtain special permits and licenses in order to lawfully do business. There are two types of business permits and licenses which regulate the pharmaceutical industry in Slovenia. These are as follows:

•    Pharmacy verification – this is performed before the initiation of pharmacy services by a Slovenian company, when there are significant changes within the industry or every five years. The Ministry of Health in Slovenia is the competent authority to verify if the pharmaceutical companies fulfill the prescribed conditions and provide customers with quality services. This verification starts 30 days prior to the start of the company activity. At the end of it, the ministry issues a decision based on their findings;

•    Concession for implementing pharmacy services – every municipality in Slovenia publishes a tender for implementing pharmacy activities and acquiring a concession, based on the criteria set up by the Ministry of Health in the health-care plan of the Republic of Slovenia. A Slovenian company can be granted the concession for implementing pharmacy activities and do business in a specific area.

If you want to set up a pharmaceutical company and need help in registering the company and obtaining the necessary permits and licenses, don`t hesitate to contact our Slovenian company formation team.


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