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Open a Travel Agency in Slovenia

Updated on Tuesday 16th January 2018

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Open a Travel Agency in SloveniaSlovenia is an important tourist attraction and has recently been declared the first green destination in the world. Situated in the middle of Europe, Slovenia is home to the Alps, interesting UNESCO heritage, underground caves and many thermal water parks. Businessmen interested to invest in Slovenia can open a travel agency and benefit from the large number of tourists this country attracts every year.

Our experts in company formation in Slovenia can help you prepare all the necessary documents for starting a business in the tourism sector.

How to open a travel agency in Slovenia?

The first thing to do before opening a travel agency is to undergo the process of company registration in Slovenia. This is a relative simple step which can be concluded within 7 working days with the Business Register in Slovenia. You need several documents in order to register a travel agency in Slovenia:

•    A Slovenian tax number;
•    A certificate of non-criminal record within the territory of the country;
•    A business address where the travel agency will operate;
•    A notarized statement from the owner of the property where the company is registered;
•    A founding capital of minimum 7,500 EUR which has to be deposited in a bank account in Slovenia.

The whole process of registering a travel agency can be done on your behalf, by our Slovenian company formation experts. The registration procedure can be fulfilled at a VEM local point, while the decision of company registration is issued by a specialized court in 7 days.

Conditions for opening a travel agency in Slovenia

According to the business legislation in Slovenia organizing and selling travel packages is a type of business which requires special permits and licenses. Labor, economic and legal aspects must be taken into consideration when applying for a travel agency license. Besides the necessity of a business license, there are several other conditions to fulfill in order to open a travel agency in Slovenia. These include the following:

•    Register the business activity with code 79.900 – it stands for any activity of travel organizing and travel agencies;
•   The manager of the travel agency must have at least post-secondary education and three years of experience in organizing and selling travel packages;
•    Have an appropriate space for running the business and a dedicated website for online booking;
•    A liability insurance of 41,730 EUR and a letter of guarantee for insolvency in the event of returning persons.

The application for obtaining a license for your travel agency is submitted with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Slovenia. Feel free to contact our specialists in company registration in Slovenia if you need help in opening a travel agency and acquiring the necessary license.  


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