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Change the Registered Office of Your Slovenian Company

Updated on Monday 05th August 2019

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Change-the-Registered-Office-of-Your-Slovenian-Company.jpgDuring the lifetime of a Slovenian company, its founders can make a set of changes. Some of the most common changes that can be brought to a company in Slovenia, that are prescribed under the country’s national legislation, refer to the modification of the company’s name, the modification of its registered office or even changing its legal entity. In the latter case, one of the most common scenarios is changing a sole trader into a limited liability company
According to the applicable legislation in Slovenia, any change that was made to a company registered with the local authorities must be notified in a given period of time. As a general rule, any modification brought to the company’s articles of association has to be notified with the Slovenian Business Register, the institution which collects data on local businesses; our team of consultants in company registration in Slovenia can provide an extensive presentation on the procedure that must be completed when changing the registered office of a Slovenian company

What are the obligations concerning a business address in Slovenia?

When opening a company in Slovenia, businessmen have to comply with a set of legal requirements. One of them is to have a registered office, which defines a physical place of business where the company carries its commercial operations or a place where the local institutions can contact the company’s representatives. 
Thus, any company operating in this country must have an official business address, this being a compulsory requirement of the procedure of company registration in Slovenia, regardless of the company type selected by the investors. When registering a business in Slovenia, the local authorities will need data on the following matters: the company’s founders and representatives, the company’s name and its registered office, the main activities developed by the company. 
Amongst numerous documents that have to be submitted with the local institutions, the company’s representatives have to provide a document stating the decision of setting up a registered office in Slovenia in a given location. This data also needs to be presented in the company’s articles of association; our team of specialists in company formation in Slovenia can further advise on this matter.    

How can one change a business address in Slovenia? 

The manner in which the business address of a Slovenian company can be changed depends on the option investors selected during the procedure of company formation in Slovenia. In this sense, it is necessary to know that the country provides the e-VEM registration portal (an online platform) or the classic registration procedure, through the local notary public. Investors should know that the following apply: 
  • the e-VEM portal can be used to register the company’s articles of association through a standard format, which includes the basic elements that are prescribed by the Companies Act;
  • if the company was registered through this option, changing the company’s registered address can be done through the e-VEM service;
  • in this case, the modification of the registered office is free of charge;
  • if the company’s representatives want to register a more complex version of the articles of association, this can only be done through a public notary in Slovenia;
  • if this option applied, the modification of various company data included in the articles of association has to be done through the notary;
  • in this sense, the investors must make a request for the modification of the company’s information

What are the main statistics on the economic environment in Slovenia? 

Opening a company in Slovenia can be a challenging task as a foreigner; even though the registration procedure is the same as the one available for local citizens and foreigners benefit from the same rights, foreigners are not as familiarized with the local system and the business environment available here and this is why we believe that it is necessary to find out the basic statistics on the local economy, which are presented below: 
  • the country has a population of 2,084,301 citizens and a gross domestic growth of 3.2% (in the first quarter of 2019);
  • the average monthly gross earning of a Slovenian employee is of EUR 1,728.12 (in 2018);
  • the unemployment rate stands at 4.8%, as presented by the Slovenian Statistical Office (in the first quarter of 2019); 
  • the retail industry increased by 8.1% in the first 6 months of 2019, compared to the same period of 2018;
  • at the level of June 2019, the country accounted for 700,000 tourists arrivals and 75% of them were represented by foreigners. 
Businessmen are invited to contact our team of consultants in company formation in Slovenia for more information on any corporate issue. Our team can represent investors in a wide range of legal matters and can provide more details on the procedures related to the modifications that can be brought to a Slovenian business.   

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