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Start a Company in the FMCG Sector in Slovenia

Updated on Tuesday 28th August 2018

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Start-a-Company-in-the-FMCG-Sector-in-Slovenia.jpgThere are numerous types of business activities that are related to the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. Investors who want to open a company in Slovenia in this industry may enter distribution activities, which can be limited only to the Slovenian territory, or they may import/export various goods to retail chains
At the same time, foreign investors may start a business in this country which directly handles the sale of FMCG products to end users, represented by Slovenian citizens, or they may enter business-to-business relations with other partners in the FMCG industry. As there are multiple ways to start a business in this sector, our team of consultants in company formation in Slovenia can provide advice on the most suitable way to open a business here, depending on the investors’ business plans and budget. 

What are the main FMCG activities developed in Slovenia?  

The FMCG sector is comprised of numerous types of products, from electronics to goods that have short shelf-life (fruits, vegetables, food products). Most of the FMCG businesses operate as supermarkets that provide all the types of products included in the FMCG sector or they are specialized in providing only foodstuffs or products commonly used in a household
In Slovenia, the most developed sub-sectors are represented by fashion and clothing, food, consumer electronics, gardening, decorations and personal care products. In order to open a Slovenian company in the FMCG sector it will be necessary to obtain special permits, but they can vary depending on the specific types of goods delivered to the local market. Our team of specialists in company registration in Slovenia can advise on this matter. 

Regulations for the safety of food products in Slovenia  

A company that sells food products (which is the case of most the FMCG businesses) has certain responsibilities related to the safety of such goods. They have to be stored in specific conditions and the company can be held responsible if safety standards are not met, as mentioned below: 
  • a company can’t distribute and sell food products that are not safe for consumption;
  • a business is fully responsible for the manufacturing, transportation, storage of food products, if these activities fall under its obligations;
  • it is necessary for a FMCG company to easily trace each supplier of food products;
  • if any suspicion arises, the company has to notify the competent authority
Businessmen are invited to contact our team of agents in company formation in Slovenia for more details concerning the registration of a FMCG business in this country. Our representatives can assist with further advice on the taxation requirements imposed to such businesses and can provide advice on the employment regulations applicable to FMCG employees.  

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