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Open a Restaurant in Slovenia

Updated on Tuesday 16th January 2018

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Name Open a Restaurant in SloveniaWith more than 170 typical dishes and 24 gastronomic areas, Slovenia is gaining a reputation as a world class culinary destination. The tourism sector in Slovenia attracts large number of visitors who spend considerable amounts of money on food and beverages. Opening a restaurant in Slovenia can be a very profitable business decision.

Nevertheless, there are certain conditions to fulfill in order to run a restaurant in Slovenia. Our company formation specialists in Slovenia can help you overcome the bureaucratic hassles of starting a business in the food industry.

Things to consider when opening a restaurant in Slovenia

If you decided to invest in Slovenia and open a restaurant, there are a few aspects to consider. These include:

•    Location – the premises of your restaurant in Slovenia should be in accordance with the minimum requirements for accommodation. You need a permission from the local municipality to use a specific place for the purpose of a restaurant business. Furthermore, the external areas of the restaurant must meet the same requirements;
•    The activity you will undertake – you can prepare and sell food and drinks in a restaurant or sell food products on wheels or on a ship, as independent units;
•    The products you offer to the clients – alongside the food and drinks, you can provide your customers with individual products – cigarettes, chewing gum, souvenirs;
•    Hiring employees – the number of people working in your restaurant in Slovenia largely depends on the size of the restaurant. Note that the work schedule must be agreed by the city municipality;
•    Permits and licenses – there is no requirement for obtaining a permit to start a restaurant in Slovenia. Nevertheless, selling food and beverages implies the need to obtain several food safety licenses from the competent authorities.

Our company registration experts in Slovenia can give you further details about the requirements to be met in order to start a restaurant in the country and can help you obtain the necessary licenses.

Steps to take to open a restaurant in Slovenia

Before opening a restaurant in Slovenia, you have to decide on the type of business you want to set up. You can choose from: sole proprietorships, limited liability companies or public limited companies. Non-residents in Slovenia also must obtain a Slovenian tax number. The next step is represented by the company registration procedure. In order to do this, you need to prepare the following data: a name for the company, details about its representatives, the head office of the company, the activities of the company and the registration for tax purposes.

If you want to open a restaurant in Slovenia, please contact our Slovenian company formation agents for a customized offer of company registration.


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