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Start an Advertising Company in Slovenia

Updated on Friday 27th July 2018

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Start-an-Advertising-Company-in-Slovenia.jpgOne of the most profitable ways to enter the advertising sector in Slovenia is by registering a business which performs its activity through the online environment. In this sense, those who want to open a company in Slovenia in this sector should know that the annual expenditure for the digital advertising industry increased in the last years, as in 2015 it accounted for EUR 100 million, while in 2017, it accounted for EUR 111 billion. The projections for 2018 are showing a total expenditure of EUR 116 million. 

What are the main online advertising activities developed in Slovenia?  

The online advertising sector in Slovenia addresses to approximately 1,4 million internet users, which represents 72% of the country’s entire population. The online advertising sector is comprised of five main sub-categories of activities and our team of specialists in company formation in Slovenia can advise on the main requirements imposed when activating in one of the following:
  • display advertising – the sector accounts for $ 20,5 million and it is estimated that, by 2020, it will reach $27,8 million;
  • search advertising – it has the largest market share, accounting for $40,9 million and it is expected to increase its value to $47,2 million by 2020;
  • video advertising – it represents 5% of the entire online advertising sector, accounting for $ 4 million;
  • social media advertising – it has a market share of 6% and a total value of $4,9 million;
  • mobile advertising – by 2020, this type of advertising activity will reach $31,1 million. 

Regulations for advertising in Slovenia 

When opening a Slovenian company that will perform activities in the advertising sector, the company’s representatives will have to comply with a set of regulations that are created to ensure a high level of standards for this industry. Our team of consultants in company registration in Slovenia may offer in-depth advice on the applicable regulations. 
As a general rule, advertising companies will have to comply with the Slovenian Code of Advertising Practice, partly created by the Slovenian Chamber of Advertising. Furthermore, the country applies a set of regulations regarding the promotion of goods and services for children and investors are invited to contact our team of consultants in company formation in Slovenia for in-depth advice on this matter.  

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