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Start a Transportation Company in Slovenia

Updated on Monday 12th February 2018

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Thanks to its geographic location, Slovenia is an important link between the Northern countries and the Central and Eastern Europe. This represents an important reason for investors to start a transportation company in Slovenia. Moreover, both the naval and the road infrastructure in Slovenia are highly developed and can sustain an intense and high speed transportation activity. If you intend to establish a transportation company you can discuss with one of our specialists in company registration in Slovenia in order to speed up the company registration procedure with the local authorities.

Transport legislation in Slovenia

The transport legislation in Slovenia affirms the central role of transportation in the development of the national and European economy. Its provisions refer to the carriage of goods and baggage as well as the transportation of passengers and they apply to public providers of transportation services as well as to private investors in this field.
The European Union regulations are another significant legal source for directives and decisions taken in Slovenia relative to transportation. Such legal corpuses are the EU Council Regulation (EC) No. 2027/97 on air carrier liability in the event of accidents or the Hague Rules which concern the carriage of cargo. Entrepreneurs who decide to set up a transportation firm in Slovenia will find here a transparent legal framework to support their business initiatives. Our specialists in company formation in Slovenia are ready to give you more details on the Transportation and Commercial legislation in this country. 

Transport license applications in Slovenia

In Slovenia transportation companies are very popular and can be established by local as well as foreign investors by complying with the local provisions of the Commercial legsilation. In order to provide transportation activities, entrepreneurs need to obtain a license for international transport from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce. 
Our experts in company formation in Slovenia can help you gather the complete documentation made up of the following files:
Certificate proving the competence of the person responsible for driving or steering the respective vehicles of the company;
Proof of the financial capacity and capital of the company;
A clean legal record.
If you need help as well with the registration of your transportation firm, you can contact our consultants who can handle the entire process of company registration and can explain to you how to choose the right type of company, how to make a name reservation and open a bank account in this country. 


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