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Set up a Merchant Account in Slovenia

Updated on Tuesday 16th January 2018

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Set up a Merchant Account in SloveniaAny Slovenian company which operates as an online business has to set up a merchant account as a way of concluding its daily transactions. In order for your business to accept card payments, you need to set up a merchant account in Slovenia. There are many types of merchant accounts which can be established by businesses in Slovenia, depending on the activities performed by them.

Our experts in company formation in Slovenia can help you choose a suitable merchant account.

Merchant account types in Slovenia

Similar to any bank account in Slovenia, a merchant account has the purpose of holding funds received from credit and debit card sales taken by the merchant. In order to accept card payments, a Slovenian company must set up a merchant account. There are several types of merchant accounts available on the local financial market:

•    Pharmacy merchant account;
•    Offshore account;
•    High risk merchant account;
•    Adult merchant account;
•    Credit and processing account;
•    Low risk merchant account;
•    E-commerce;
•    MOTO merchant account;
•    Replica merchant account.

Depending on the type of activity your company is engaged in, you have to prepare a set of documents to submit at the bank in order to set up a merchant account in Slovenia. Our specialists in company registration in Slovenia can guide you through the entire process.

Advantages of internet merchant accounts in Slovenia

The internet merchant account is one of the most popular types of merchant accounts available on the Slovenian market. The main advantages that the internet merchant account has for Slovenian businessmen are the following:

•    Are quickly approved by banks;
•    Are operated through secure servers (SSL). They are usually provided by Slovenian IT companies;
•    Are easily installed;
•    It takes only a few seconds to complete a transaction;
•    It accepts both checks and credit cards;
•    Recurring billings;
•    The possibility to view your transactions online.

Please feel free to contact our Slovenian company formation agents if you need assistance in setting up a merchant account for your business.


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