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Open an Amazon Store in Slovenia

Updated on Monday 29th October 2018

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Similar to any other country in Europe, Slovenia is a place where the e-commerce sector is captivating wider and wider audiences. Thanks to the multiple advantages that it provides in terms of speed and cost reduction, online enterprises became more and more popular in Slovenia.
If you are interested in selling products through the online environment you should consider the option of opening an Amazon store in Slovenia. One of our specialists in company formation in Slovenia can give you details on the way this type of enterprise works, so that you can profit from this attractive facility provided by the large American company.  

Why open an Amazon store in Slovenia?

Slovenia has already been included for a long time in the list of countries accepted to sell on Amazon. Investors in this country consider very seriously the option to open an Amazon store, not only because of the easiness of the process, but also because of the state policies which encourage the development of the online market.
The Slovenian taxes, which are lower than in other European countries, as well as the huge visibility of the Amazon website determine investors to use the e-retailer platform provided by Amazon and reach their consumers as fast as possible. Our team of consultants in company formation in Slovenia can offer advice on the main procedures that are needed in this case. 
Another important aspect you should know about the Amazon store platform is that it provides secure payments. The Paypal platform can be used by your customers to buy your products online. In order to employ this service you need to set up a bank account with a Slovenian bank. Our consultants can give you more details on the steps of setting up a company in Slovenia and can help you open a bank account in this country 

Registering an Amazon business in Slovenia

In order to be able to sell on Amazon you will need first to register your company with the local business register. Our team of consultants can help you choose the appropriate legal structure for your enterprise and to gather the documents for registration, but it is important to know that most of the commercial businesses set up in this country (which operate as small to medium-sized) usually prefer as a legal entity the limited liability company
Businessmen who want to open a company in Slovenia through an Amazon store will need to create an account on the company’s website. In order to do so, please note that specific company documents can be requested by Amazon, as well as proof on the business licenses the applicant company has.  Depending on the legal entity of the company, Amazon can request the following documents: 
  • documents attesting the company’s trading name and the company’s registered office;
  • the company’s certificate of incorporation and the company’s business plan
  • in the case in which your Slovenian company operates as a partnership, it is necessary to provide the partnership deed;
  • persons who are registered as sole traders are also required to provide personal identification documents

Businessmen should know that Amazon will create an account for your Slovenian business in 3 days, provided that all the required documents do not contain any errors. However, if certain company details are not very clear, Amazon will send a feedback via e-mail, requesting further evidence on any issue.


What are the advantages of starting an Amazon store?    

Besides the fact that the company will be able to access a larger consumer market than in the case of businesses carried out through a brick and mortar shop, the customers can purchase your products at any given hour, from basically any location across the world.  
Another advantage refers to the business start-up costs that are available in this case, which are considerably lower when compared to a traditional shop. Amazon offers the possibility of creating different types of accounts, which can be selected depending on the volumes estimated for sale through the online shop
In this sense, persons operating a business in their own name can register as through an individual account, which is a type of account for those who estimate that will sell less than 40 items a month. For businesses which expect larger volumes in sales, Amazon has a special account, created for those selling as professionals. The difference between the two types of accounts is given by the fee system applied by the Amazon platform
If you are not a resident of Slovenia you will need to obtain a tax number before being able to open your Amazon store in this country. Feel free to contact our experts in company registration in Slovenia, who can explain to you in detail all the provisions regarding companies legislation in this country.


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