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Corporate Tax in Slovenia

Updated on Tuesday 16th January 2018

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Slovenia has made many reforms on its tax system. One of the changes made is the increase of corporate tax in Slovenia from 17 percent to 19 percent starting January 2017. Resident corporations are taxed for income made from all around the world while non-residents are only taxed on income received from sources within the country. Resident companies are those that are incorporated under Slovenian law and have a place of business in the country. Corporate tax is imposed on the taxable income of the corporation which is arrived at after deducting from the gross income all the allowable deductions. Our specialists in Slovenian company formation can give you specialized advice about the corporate tax of the country.

Taxable period of corporate tax in Slovenia 

The taxable period is the span of time in which all profits earned are taxed. The regular tax period is the calendar year. All income earned during the calendar year are subjected to the 19% Slovenian corporate tax and a tax return must be submitted by the end of March of the following year. Corporations also have an option of using a different tax period but it must not exceed twelve months. The option must be made known to the tax authorities and cannot be changed for three consecutive years. Our experts in company formation in Slovenia can inform you further about the tax period for your corporation.

Payment of corporate tax in Slovenia

Corporate tax in Slovenia is paid in advance in either monthly installments or quarterly payments, depending if the amount exceeds 400 euros. The determined amount to be paid is based on the previous year’s calculations. The final payment for corporate tax in Slovenia must be made within thirty days after the submission of the tax return. The submission of a tax return is very important because it will be the basis for determining whether correct taxes are paid or not. Also, tax inspection can only be done within five years after the submission of the tax return. Make sure that your company in Slovenia is paying the right amount of taxes. 
Corporate tax in Slovenia can be very complicated. Make sure that you consult our specialists in company registration in Slovenia for more information about your tax liabilities. 


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