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Company Formation Slovenia



Company Formation in Ljubljana

Updated on Thursday 28th February 2019

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Company-Formation-in-Ljubljana.jpgLjubljana is the capital city of Slovenia, representing the country’s most developed economic center. Foreign businessmen who want to open a company in Slovenia can invest in the city’s most developed economic sectors, which are represented by retail, the automotive industry, financial services, life sciences or technology. When investing in the technology sector, investors should know that they can be assisted by the Technology Park Ljubljana, an organization that was created in 1995 specifically for promoting this industry. 
Our team of specialists in company formation in Slovenia can advise on the procedure on how to open a business here and can also assist with advice on the issuance of specific business permits or drafting the company’s statutory documents following the applicable legislation. Our representatives can provide legal assistance for those interested in purchasing a ready-made company, which provides a set of advantages, or starting a business activity by selecting the services of a virtual office. 

How can a foreigner register a Slovenian business? 

A foreign businessman can start the procedure of company registration in Slovenia following the steps available for Slovenian nationals. The manner in which a business is set up here is prescribed by the Companies Act, the main legal framework regulating the incorporation and the activity of local businesses. Our specialists can provide legal representation for any matter concerning the procedure of company formation in Slovenia stipulated by the Companies Act.
It is important to know that the commercial legislation was harmonized with the European Union’s law on the matter, as the country is a member state of the Community. When starting a local business, our team of specialists in company formation in Slovenia can advise on matters such as: 
  • company’s trading name – this is one of the first concerns of businessmen setting up a company in Slovenia and one of the main requirements set out in this sense stipulates that a suitable company name has to be unique at the level of the Slovenian territory;
  • establishing the company’s business address – any company in Slovenia must have an official business address, where the company carries out its business operations;
  • the activities of the company – when selecting specific business activities, investors should comply with certain requirements, including the issuance of business permits;
  • selecting the company’s legal entity – foreign businessmen can start any of the business forms that are available under the national legislation, but the most common way to open a company here is by registering a limited liability company (LLC)
We can represent you in any commercial matter through the power of attorney and we can also assist in opening a corporate bank account, a necessary procedure when starting a business. Investors can receive advice on how to start a Slovenian joint stock company or a partnership. Businessmen who want to start a business in their own name can request for assistance on the characteristics of a sole trader and the procedure of opening a company in Slovenia under this business structure, while foreign businesses can obtain information on the documents that must be submitted when operating here through a subsidiary or a branch office

What are the characteristics of the Slovenian LLC? 

As mentioned above, the LLC represents the preferred way of opening a company in Slovenia. This business form provides a set of advantages and it was designed to meet the needs of small and medium sized companies, and this is why it became so popular over the years. Some of the most relevant characteristics of the LLC are the following: 
  • liability – the company’s founders are liable only for their contribution to the company’s capital;
  • minimum share capital – this business form needs a minimum capital of EUR 7,500;
  • taxation – the company will be taxed following the requirements applicable to corporate entities, unlike the sole trader, which is imposed with a different tax system, following the personal income tax system;
  • applying for loans and grants – the LLC can easily qualify for obtaining loans from local banks. 

What are the requirements for foreign businessmen investing in Slovenia? 

Although foreign businessmen can start a company following the same regulations available for local investors, additional requirements may be needed, and this depends on the nationality of the investors. Those who are citizens of the EU can start a business here without any restrictions, but in the case of those who are residents of non-EU countries, it will be necessary to obtain a residency permit
Although our team of consultants in company formation in Slovenia can assist investors in any immigration matters, the first step that must be concluded in obtaining a residency permit is started by the applicant, who needs to file an application with the Slovenian embassy in the country where he or she resides.  
We invite you to contact our team of consultants for in-depth information on any matter related to the registration of a Slovenian business; our representatives can provide advice on the most suitable type of company. At the same time, our representatives can offer information on the taxation system available here, as well as on the employment regulations and the accounting principles that must be respected by each company

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